About Us

Who we are?

The Cops Care Cancer Foundation (CCCF) is a volunteer run, non profit foundation that raises money for children who are stricken with cancer.  Our board of directors is made up of local police officers and civilians.  The CCCF is a 501c(3) tax excempt organization that is recognized by both federal government and the State of California. (Tax I.D. #52-2444747)

What we do? 

The CCCF staff partners with community members and businesses to raise money for children who are stricken with cancer.  They help to raise the spirits of patients by funding recreational therapy trips and by purchasing toys/educational materials for local children’s hospitals.

Where does your donation go?

  1. The CCCF reviews and accepts financial assistance requests from families who have a child stricken with cancer.  They provide monthly assistance to help families pay for such things as; rent, insurance premiums, medications, transportation costs and recreational therapy toys and trips for patients.
  1. The CCCF donates money and recreation therapy supplies to local children’s hospitals.  They have an internal saying for this type of assistance. “The doctor’s treat the illness while we help to treat the soul.”
  1. The CCCF organize a yearly Christmas Carnival for children known as, “Fantasy Flight.”  The staff works with local hospital social workers to identify families who are eligible to participate.  The event is open to any child who is battling cancer or any other life threatening illness.  Fantasy Flight is by far the largest event the foundation organizes and is a life changing experience for both the patients and event volunteers.


The CCCF’s mission is simple.  We try to raise as much money as possible for children who are battling cancer.  Our secondary goal is to help these children be as comfortable as possible while they are battling their illnesses.  This comes in the form of; toys, clothing, school supplies, recreational therapy trips and our yearly Fantasy Flight event.

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